In 2010 a group of young professionals from diverse backgrounds came together with one mission in mind: provide our customers with high quality, cost-effective way to stay in touch with friends and families worldwide. Thus came into being Smarkalls, the smarter way to call.

Today we are a leading telephony carrier, routing millions of minutes of international calling traffic from other carriers through our own telecommunications switching and network infrastructure. Due to our expanding telecom traffic in key worldwide markets and competitively priced services, carriers and end-users can take full advantage of our heavily discounted rates and various commitment levels.

SmartKalls is the only company that provides convenient auto renewals, 24 hours customer services, pin-less calling while maintaining crisp, clear voice quality

We have also expanded to include software development of SIP dialers, design and implementation of full-scale solutions to manage VoIP Services, VoIP Billing systems, Callshops and Internet Cafes.

The idea that was conceived in a small room has blossomed into a company with a strong global presence. Users worldwide rely on us to provide them with the strong telephony solutions their business needs. We are happy to say that millions of satisfied customers around the world know their friends and families are one smartkall away.