Smartkalls providing Voip telephony services to his customers since 2009.

Smartkalls offers high quality Internet telephony solutions that are viable and cost-effective alternatives to existing traditional telephone services.

Smartkalls 's expertise includes consultancy, software development of SIP dialers, design and implementation of full-scale solutions to manage VoIP Services, VoIP Billing systems, Callshops and Internet Cafes.

Smartkalls emphasis on Service Quality and World-class facilities, offers clients real-time management with flexible levels of support. Smartkalls clients have access to manage their own VoIP business under their own Private Labels.

Joining the leaders in the retail telecommunication industry, Smartkalls is able to secure low rates and offer its customers the benefit of these competitive rates. Smartkalls is a leading carrier, routing millions of minutes of international calling traffic from other carriers through its own telecommunications switching and network infrastructure. Due to its expanding telecom traffic in key worldwide markets and its competitively priced services, carriers and end-users can take full advantage of Smartkalls 's discounted rates and commitment levels.

Our strategy at Smartkalls is to provide our customers the quality VoIP technology with best rates that can meet with our customers' need. We believe that customer satisfaction is the only key to our success.

Our vision "Communication Beyond Limits" enables us to constantly expand and update our services. This will both decrease operating costs and allow us to offer a broad range of international telecommunication services with excellent quality and unbeatable rates. To summarize Smartkalls ensures our customer gets high quality service at the lowest price possible.